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Powerful Shared Hosting for Everyone

cPanel Shared Hosting Starting Ksh 100 per month

Faster Loading Speed

Give your website visitors the experience they expect with high-performance hosting. All plans include ultra-reliable SSD drives.

24/7 Expert Support

Our team of experts are here to help when you need it most with 24/7/365 customer support via phone, chat & email!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We believe strongly in our hosting services and think you will too. Give us a try, completely risk-free for 30 days!

Our Flexible Pricing

Fast, secure, and affordable hosting plans for any budget

Monthly Plan Yearly Plan

Bronze Plan

Get a free .com or domain if purchased annually!

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Ksh 100/month

Ksh 1,200/year

  • 2 Domains Hosted
  • 2 Email Accounts
  • 20 GB SSD

Silver Plan

Get a free .com or domain if purchased annually!

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Ksh 200/month

Ksh 2,400/year

  • 4 Domains Hosted
  • 4 Email Accounts
  • 40 GB SSD

Gold Plan

Get a free .com or domain if purchased annually!

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Ksh 300/month

Ksh 3,600/year

  • Unlimited Domains Hosted
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 60 SSD Storage

Platinum Plan

Get a free .com or domain if purchased annually!

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Ksh 400/month

Ksh 4,800/year

  • Unlimited Domains Hosted
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited SSD Storage

All Plans Include

Free Domain

PHP Version Control

Free SSL Certificate

Professional Emails

Free Migration

Regular Backups

DDoS Protection

Free One-Click Installs

Unlimited Bandwidth

We Are Here To Help

Easily manage your websites with the industry-leading control panel. Hosting plans for any website and any business. Find the perfect web hosting package for you.

You will always have the backing of our 24/7 Guru Support Crew whenever you need help.

Shared Hosting Features

Focus on your business and avoid all the web hosting hassles. Our hosting guarantees unmatched performance, reliable & extended support.

Powerful Control Panel

We offer cPanel for website owners who want a simple and easy-to-use control panel to manage their web hosting account and website.

1-Click Installer

We usually offer one-click installation for more than 400+ scripts, making it easy for users to get started with building their website.

Automatic Updates

We offer automatic updates for WordPress core, themes, and plugins, ensuring that your website is always up-to-date and secure.

Optimised Performance

We have optimized servers and caching to ensure fast loading times and optimal performance for your website.

Advanced Security

We offer advanced security features, such as malware scanning and automatic backups, to keep your website safe and secure.


We offer scalable hosting plans that can accommodate websites of all sizes, from small blogs to large e-commerce sites.

Powerful cPanel Hosting

cPanel hosting is a type of web hosting service that uses cPanel, a web-based control panel, to manage and administer a website's backend. cPanel is a popular and user-friendly interface that allows website owners to easily manage their web hosting account, domains, email accounts, files, databases, and other aspects of their website.

With cPanel hosting, website owners can perform tasks such as creating and managing email accounts, setting up and managing databases, installing and managing web applications, managing website files, and configuring security settings. cPanel also provides access to a range of tools and utilities that can be used to optimize and troubleshoot website performance.

Overall, cPanel hosting is a popular choice for website owners who want a simple and easy-to-use control panel to manage their web hosting account and website.

Get the Best Hosting for Developers

Developer hosting typically refers to a type of web hosting service that is designed to meet the needs of developers who are building and deploying web applications or websites. Developer hosting usually includes features and tools that make it easier for developers to work on their projects, such as version control, automated deployment, and development frameworks.

We know developers because we are developers. Focus on building your web applications in Ruby, PHP, PostgreSQL or MySQL – we will handle the hosting. Professional developers or just starting out freelancers and small business owners get all-encompassing features to customize and integrate into any business class shared hosting website. Features include:

Shared Hosting FAQs

Below you'll find the answers to some of our most commonly asked cpanel shared hosting questions.

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting where multiple websites are hosted on a single server. Each website is given a portion of the server's resources such as disk space, bandwidth, CPU usage, and memory.

The main advantages of shared hosting are that it is affordable, easy to set up and maintain, and requires no technical expertise. It is also suitable for small to medium-sized websites that don't require a lot of resources.

The main disadvantage of shared hosting is that you share resources with other websites on the same server, which can lead to slower loading times and potential security risks. Additionally, you may have limited control over server settings and configurations.

Shared hosting is not recommended for high-traffic websites as the server resources are shared among multiple websites, which can lead to performance issues. It is recommended to use dedicated hosting or VPS hosting for high-traffic websites.

Yes, we allow you to host multiple websites on a single account. However, you may have to pay additional fees for each website or upgrade to a higher-tier plan that offers more resources.

When choosing a shared hosting provider, consider factors such as reliability, uptime guarantees, customer support, pricing, and features such as disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts. It is also recommended to read reviews and compare plans from multiple providers before making a decision.

Setting up a website on shared hosting typically involves registering a domain name, choosing a hosting plan, creating a website using a CMS or website builder, and uploading your website files to the hosting server using FTP or a web-based file manager. Many hosting providers offer tools such as one-click installers to make the process easier.

Yes, we allow you to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server as your website grows and requires more resources. However, the process and cost may vary depending on the plan you choose.